Public Plenary Lectures

Join the Center for Process Studies and Willamette University for two evening plenary lectures on Thursday May 5th and Friday May 6th featuring Constance M. Bertka, Steven J. Dick, Chelsea Haramia and Ted Peters. Held at Willamette University, in the lower level of the Montag Center (Montag Den), these lectures are open to the public and will be followed by a time of questions and discussion.

Thursday May 5th - 5:00-7:00 pm

Constance M. Bertka 

Science and Society Resources

“Religious Belief and the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life: 
What’s Worldview Got to Do with It?”

Steven J. Dick


“Astrobiology, Cosmotheology, and the Biological Universe:
Implications for Religion and Theology”

Friday May 6th - 5:00-7:00 pm

Chelsea Haramia 

Spring Hill College

Ted Peters

Graduate Theological Union

“Astrobiological Searches for Shared Knowledge”

“Astrobiology, Astrotheology, and Cosmic Consciousness”